Fold Over Collar with Pin/Pendant
roll printed, formed and fabricated.
The pin is silver with ribbons of formed and textured bimetal and a pearl.
It has bails so it can be worn as a pendant and also has an adaptor that slides onto the pin stem.
The whole unit then slides over the collar to rest in the V at the bottom.
Size for whole unit:
with small collar: h 9 1/4” x w 5 1/2” x d ¾”
With large collar: h 10” x w 6” x d ¾”
Size for Pin/Pendant alone:
h 3” x w 1 1/2” x d 3/8”
Price: Pin/Pendant: $290
Adaptor: $30
Small Bimetal collar: $400
Total Price if bought as a unit: $690
©Betty Helen Longhi