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This recent work is a product of my studies of Buddhism and meditation and my desire to do work which relates to these ideas. My intent is to make work that can function as objects for meditation as well as being just pleasing to look at. It is also important that this work reaches people on an emotional level. In response to recent world events, both natural and man made, I wanted to offer something that might counteract the stress that these events have created. When the idea of making the Zen gardens came into my head I knew that they were what I was seeking. The first designs were immediately images in my head and when I started to work it felt like the pieces just rolled out from within as if they had been there for a long time; just waiting to be released. In all of this work my hope is to project a sense of peace and tranquility which will translate itself to the viewer.

There are several types of gardens that I create:

Classic Zen Gardens are based on the traditional forms of Zen gardens with delineated areas of sand, rocks, pebbles and other small objects some of which can be arranged however the viewer wishes. In those with fine sand, a small rake is included to create patterns in the sand.

Earthscape Gardens have a sculptural setting which is sometimes abstract and sometimes realistic and evokes a quality of quiet energy.

Custom Designed Gardens are designed for a specific individual by incorporating themes that are of special interest to them in the piece.

Installation Gardens have come from the recognition that this work can function on any scale from small table top sculpture to large installation pieces. I am pursuing the use of these designs for larger pieces as well as designing Zen Garden installations for private gardens and commercial locations.

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