These vessels are pendants and are intended to hang to the solarplexis where they can easily be held.
They are designed to feel comfortable in the hand
so that holding them can be a comforting and meditative experience.
Most also come with a stand so they can be enjoyed when not being worn.
A personal copy of the above statement comes with each piece.

Availability Of This Work
Due to the level of concentration required and the difficulty in making these pieces,
I do not make very many of them.
They are sold very quickly, and therefore are usually made as custom orders.


How the Concept Evolved

The original concept for the Vessels for Tears emerged from a time of very profound grief following the sudden death of my mother. Initially there was shock and disbelief and after that a deep sense of loss.
I had never been one to cry very much and after the death of my father and the end of my marriage I had used work as an antidote. But this loss was too much and I was also in a different spiritual space. So I just let myself feel the pain and cry. Initially it was just for my mother but soon I was crying for all my losses. At this point I realized that something unexpected was happening; as I continued to cry the pain was slowly diminishing and I was starting to heal. At a very deep level I began to become whole and to feel at peace.

As an artist, I wanted to create something that would speak to this experience both as a memorial to my mother and as a way to share the outcome of my experience with others. At this same time I read a passage in a book that said “We are all vessels in the river of life and as long as we stay in the river we are continually refreshed and can grow. However, if we take ourselves out of the river we will stagnate.”
Using these two concepts I developed both the “Vessels for Tears” and “Personal Chrysalis”.

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